DIY Slime: A Hands on Procedural Activity

Our slime making was a success! Today as a class we read through, step by step, how to make slime. Then students watched and helped me make 3 separate batches of slime. With each batch I explained, in detail, how to complete each step. We made sure to include important steps like cleaning up after ourselves and discussed how to play with slime appropriately (i.e. not getting it on our clothes, the carpet or in our hair.). Once our slime was all cleaned up we moved to an independent activity, writing our final procedural text.

Students each received their own small bag of slime to take home. Thanks for a great day Gr.3's!

Step 1: Add all your ingredients...

Step 2: Mix really well!

Step 3: Kneed and play with your slime!!

It was my first time making slime, but I absolutely loved this site and the finished product! So, I attached the site if you are interested.
DIY Fluffy Slime!

Fantastic Failures!

Our Gr.3's have been focusing on an important life lesson this year, that it is a good thing when we make mistakes. As lifelong learners it is important that students celebrate their failures because it not only shows them that they’re learning from their mistakes, but that they are hard working and brave! Even though we might not succeed right away at something, the important thing is that we tried and will try again. When we stick with something and keep working at it we become resilient and when you are resilient you are unstoppable! Trying new things and failing is also a great way to learn about ourselves and our unique talents and abilities, we can't all be good at the same things.

To help reinforce this belief and instil more confidence in our Gr.3's, the class is co-creating a slide show called "Fantastic Failures". Over the next couple weeks, I will slowly starting sharing the slide show with students. To complete it, each student will add a slide or two …

An Overview: April

Our Gr.3's have been working hard!

Language: We are finally all finished up with narrative writing! Students have been working hard on procedural writing. Topics have included "How to Make a Snowman", "How to Make S'Mores", "How to Brush Your Teeth" and "How to Get Ready for School".

This week, we will be taking a more hands on approach to writing! First, we will read a procedural text on how to make slime and then as a large group we will follow the instructions and step by step make the slime together. After making the slime, students will independently write their final procedural text on "How to Make Slime", with their goal of teaching their audience how to make slime with specific steps and details.

Math: We are wrapping up geometry this week. The past couple weeks we have been exploring symmetry, classifying 2-D and 3-D shapes and transformations of shapes (rotation, translation and reflection). This week we will begin work…

Bake Sale Thursday!

Our school is having a BAKE SALE for students in grades 1-6!!! All money raised goes to the Ryan’s Well Foundation. It takes place Thursday March 29, 2018 Tickets for yummy treats can be purchased using cash online. All items are a dollar and there is a maximum of two treats per person. All items are nut free.
Thank you for helping support our cause!!
The Kingdom Club

Science Experiments: Forces!!

In collaboration with Mrs. Sloan's Gr.3 class, our gr.3's circulated through a variety of Science experiments. Each center involved a hands on experiment that focused on the different forces we encounter in everyday life.

Take a look...

Students had to use a variety of materials to create a boat and see how many dice their boat could hold before it sank.

At another center, students were given a marble and a variety of materials. The challenge was to find a way to slow down a marble that they drop. Students were very creative!

Students were also given a shoe box and a balloon, along with a variety of materials and had to see how far they could make their shoebox go. 

World Downs Syndrome Day

Yesterday, in honor of World Down Syndrome Day we learned all about Downs Syndrome. Students were asked to wear mismatching socks in celebration and recognition of this special day. Great job Gr.3's!

Swim to Survive & Volunteers

We had a great first day at Swim to survive!

As a warm up, the students played a short game of octopus in the shallow end. Students then completed a couple short swimming assessments. By doing this, the lifeguards were able to level their swimming abilities for proper instruction in the upcoming weeks. The instructors were wonderful and very organized! They ensured the entire time that each child felt safe while swimming and were all having fun.

Today's lesson included:
- small groups of four swimming the length of the deep end (there and back, with a noodle if needed/preferred by the student)
- rolling off of a floating foam platform into the water. (This helps teach students to not panic when they are disoriented under water if they fall in)
- in pairs with a lifeguard, students practiced treading water in the deep end for 60 seconds, keeping their whole head above water the entire time

All the kids had a blast this morning and they all swam really hard! Needless to say it was a …