Week of Jan 8-12

Welcome Back Grade 3's!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas break. We're already back in the swing of things and working really hard.

Homework:Unfortunately, due to unforeseen IT issues with Hapara, homework was not shared with students until this afternoon. Students have until Monday to complete the homework.

**Permission forms for the field trip to snowshoe in Gatineau Park were sent home and are due back on Friday, January 12th. 

Math: This week we will be exploring addition & subtraction word problems that require multiple steps in order to find the solution. This includes working with 3-digit numbers for both adding and subtracting. Students are encouraged to continue using a variety of strategies to solve the math problems, but also practice using the standard algorithm to double check their work.

Language:We are continuing to write persuasive texts. This week we started with a shared reading of " I Wanna Iguana". Next, students inde…

Christmas Pajama Party

The grade 3's have been working really hard this past month. So, as a special treat we are having a little class Christmas party on Wednesday, December 20th during third block. We will be watching "The Polar Express" and enjoying some snacks that I will provide. Students are welcome to wear their favourite pajamas and bring in slippers and/or a stuffed animal for the day. There will also be a Christmas colouring station and a Christmas card making station as an option for the students to do while watching the movie. This is my Christmas gift to the class so please to do not feel obligated to send in anything to contribute.

Merry Christmas Grade 3's!

A very proud,

Ms. Juneau

Christmas Concert

Our Christmas concert is almost here! The concert for the primary grades is set to start on Friday, December 22 @9:30am in the gym.

For the festivities, we ask that the students come dressed in all black on Friday morning. As well, students are encouraged to bring in Christmas themed accessories to wear on the the day of the concert. Please bring in the accessories your child wishes to wear for Wednesday, December 20th.

The Grade 3's have been practicing hard and are very excited to preform for you all!

See you there,

Ms. Juneau

Coming up in Writing and Science

This is a friendly reminder to those creating a poster for the research project to bring in a bristol board (purchased at the dollar store) for Tuesday, December 12th. Those students who chose to create a slideshow do not need to bring in a bristol board or pictures.
I will be printing off the students typed research, so that all the students have to do is bring in pictures of their animal. Before creating their final project, I will model how to design a research poster, which the students will use as an anchor chart to ensure a successful project and presentation. 
Language (Writing):
This past week we started a new unit: Persuasive Writing.
On Tuesday we read Dear Mrs. LaRoue, a series of letters written from the perspective of a dog (Ike) at obedience school, begging his owner to bring him back home. As a group we highlighted Ike’s main arguments and discussed how he was trying to convince to owner to take him home.

To continue, we will be examining a variety of persuasive te…

Lost and Found/ Christmas Field Trip

Lost and Found
Lost and Found has been placed in front of the Learning Commons. As a class, we will walk by this area to check for any misplaced belongings. Any items that are not claimed will be packed up and donated by Wednesday December 20th.

Christmas Field Trip
The grade three students will be going on a field trip on Monday, December 18th. We (all grade three students at St Anne) will be going to see "The Star", a Christian film about the Nativity story. The cost of the field trip is $10 to cover tickets. As it took awhile to book the field trip, we are asking for a quick turnaround for permission forms and money. The form will be sent home on Monday and we are asking for it to be returned the next day in order to finalize the field trip. 

information about the film, "The Star"

Yours in Catholic Education,
Mrs Zulpo

Our week and looking ahead....

Math and Language

We are beginning to learn about graphs, specifically pictographs and bar graphs. Today we learned about scale. Tomorrow, we will work in groups to complete a bar graph and determine an appropriate scale. Students will need to learn about the features of a graph, including a title and labels. 

In language, we continue to work on determining importance, using our schema and making inferences. Our current learning goals are to ensure all of our responses answer the questions with relevant information and that our connections relate to the question and information. Today, we reviewed a text that was used as an assessment piece. We reread the text to brainstorm main ideas and then reviewed the text to find the relevant information to answer questions. 

Students have access to anchor charts that we co-created as we worked on various texts. We have a bump-it up wall/handout that students can check to see if they have met the success criteria and an anchor chart that lists the …

First Nations Presentation

This week we had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by Daphne Sandre, the First Nations consultant with our board. Daphne joined our Grade 3's Monday morning to help increase our cultural awareness about First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit peoples. We learned all about the Medicine Wheel and the 7 Grandfather Teachings and how each teaching is represented by an animal. Thank you Daphne for an amazing presentation!

Miss Juneau